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in zakynthos:  a village, a view and local delicacies

Posted on Oct 9, 2015 in Featured, The Greek Islands, Uncategorized, zakynthos

To round off the Zakythian experience I was enjoying which included pristine beaches, great local eateries, historic sights and a tour of fantastic sea caves, I had the opportunity discover a quaint little village, a unique island view and “secret” places where local delicacies were ready for sampling.

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photo of the week: beautiful dubrovnik in the rain

Posted on Oct 6, 2015 in Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week is from  Dubrovnik, Croatia.  As you can tell by the photo,  it was raining during my visit. Still, the grey moody skies added to the fortress town’s beauty.

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in poros: view from a clocktower

Posted on Oct 2, 2015 in Featured, Greece, Poros, The Greek Islands

A short excursion to Poros, one of closest islands to Athens, introduced me to the warm colors and sweeping sea views of the Saronic isles.  

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in budva: 24 hours in town

Posted on Oct 1, 2015 in Europe, Featured, Montenegro, Video

Budva was our last stop on our road trip. We had less than 24 hours in one of the the most famous beach towns on the Montenegrin coast.   What to do?!

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in serifos: racing through a greek island

Posted on Sep 30, 2015 in Featured, Greece, Serifos, The Greek Islands

Where else in the world can you race through an island course that leads you through a stunning, environmentally protected area bordering secluded beaches and rocky slopes? All the while the sun sets around you melting into a swirl of red and orange on the horizon. Welcome to the Serifos Sunset Race experience.

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photo of the week: a petani beach view

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 in Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week takes us to Kefalonia to an absolutely enchanting beach tucked in a beautiful bay in Kefalonia.

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photo of the week: the serifian bridge to nowhere

Posted on Sep 22, 2015 in Photo of the Week

This week’s Photo of the Week takes us to Serifos where a a rusty bridge hangs over the sea, illustrating the story of a bygone era in the Greek isles.

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in kefalonia: the ruins of old valsamata

Posted on Sep 18, 2015 in Featured, Kefalonia, The Greek Islands, Video

It has been decades since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Kefalonia and changed the island forever.  The Ionian island’s picturesque villages were destroyed, devastating the population. The island has rebuilt itself since. However, some villages remain untouched, virtual ghost towns — shells of what once was. One of them is Old Valsamata.

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